Poster-Derie Marine Consulting and Investigations

Capt. Mark S. Poster

PO Box 4728
Ketchum, Idaho 83340

Mobile: 909-725-0447

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Vessel Operations
Boat Operator - 50+ years
Lake Patrol Officer, Big Bear Municipal Water District (BBMWD) - 12 years
Lake Operations Supervisor, BBMWD - 6 years
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary – 30+ years
Skipper (Scout Leader) of the BBMWD Lake Explorers Scouting Program - 8 years
Instructor "Boating Safety Occupations" Bear Valley Unified School Dist. - 6 years
Board of Directors - California Boating Safety Officers Assoc. (CBSOA) - 4 years
Instructor "Boating Safety Enforcement" California Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW)/Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST) - 3 years
Licensed For-Hire Passenger Vessel Operator - 30 years
Harbor Master - 1 year
Self Employed Boating Safety Consultant – 20+ years

Education and Training
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Academy:
- P.C. 832, 1985
- Reserve Level II Module B, 1989
- Boating Safety and Enforcement ‑ Basic, 1985
- Boating Safety and Enforcement - Advanced, 1988
‑ Boating Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, 1985
‑ Intoxication Enforcement Training, 1987
- Lateral Gaze Nystagmus Training, 1987
- Marine Fire Fighting, 1991
- Rescue Boat Handling, 1997
‑ Boating Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, 1994
Underwriters Laboratories ‑ Advanced Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, 1996
San Bernardino Valley College ‑ Emergency Medical Technician, 1976
American Red Cross ‑ Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard, CPR, AED, First Aid

USCG Master's License - No. 918686
50 Ton Inland with Commercial Assistance Towing

USCG Operator of Uninspected Passenger Carrying Vessel License - NO. 296483
100 Ton Near Coastal with Commercial Assistance Towing

DBW /CBSOA Open Water Rescue & Enforcement Master's Certificate - No.102

DBW For-Hire License - No. 769
Qualified to Operate Powered Vessels on Sole State Waters (No Restrictions)

USCG Auxiliary Certificates, Ratings & Training;
Auxiliary Operations Qualified (AUXOP): (Search & Rescue, Navigation, Piloting, Weather, Communications, Seamanship, Patrols, Administration)
Coxswain Rating, Boat Crew, PWC Operator, Master Instructor, Vessel Examiner, Air Observer, Team Coordination Training

Work Experience

Self Employed Boating Safety Consultant - 1996 - Present
Investigator of Marine and Boating Accidents on Inland & Coastal Waters, Investigations have included Single & Multiple Fatalities, Propeller Cuts & Other Injuries, Falls on Board, Collisions, Sinkings, Groundings, Fire & Explosions, Water Ski Injuries, Hit & Run, Operating Under the Influence, OSHA, Wrongful Death, Regulatory Markers, Lake & Waterways Management. Have Performed Vessel Collision Analysis and Accident Investigation & Reconstruction.

Lake Operations Supervisor, BBMWD, Big Bear Lake, CA - 1996 - 2002
Lake Patrol Officer - 1985 - 1996
Duties Included but not limited to: Responsible for all Lake Operations including Enforcing Boating Laws, Conducting Accident & Incident Investigations, Review & Revision of Local Boating Laws & Department Manuals, Ensuring Proper Markings of Hazards & Placement of Regulatory Marks, RV Park & Public, Supervising, Training & Scheduling of Lake Patrol Officers, Dispatchers & Ramp Attendants, Launch Ramp Operations, Marina Operations; Rental Fleet & Tour Boat Inspections, Commercial & Private Dock Inspections, Special Events & Filming, OSHA Compliance, Limnological Monitoring, Lake Use Statistics, Equipment & Uniform Procurement, Grant Acquisition, Liaison with DBW & Coast Guard Auxiliary, Design, Production & Ordering of Annual Mtn. Waters Dispatch Lake Magazine, Lake Maps, Boat Permits, Signage, Advisories.

Skipper of the BBMWD Lake Explorers Scouting Program -1986 -1993
Unique Law Enforcement/Sea Scouts Program Chartered by BBMWD
Responsible for Creating and Managing Overall Program. Development of Manual, Ranks & Advancement Criteria, Uniforms & Training; Marlinspike, Traffic Control and Launch Ramp Safety, Probable Cause, Officer Safety, Vessel Identification & Equipment Inspections, Towing, Fire Fighting, Incident and Vessel Accident Investigation Form Completion, Arrests, Search & Seizure. Activities included Patrol Ride-a-longs, Boat Handling, Sailing, Water Skiing, Parasailing, Vessel Maintenance, Trips to USCG Base, San Pedro. Trophy Winner at the Explorer Olympics Competition, Hosted by the Norton AFB Security Police Explorers.

Instructor DBW/POST -1999 - 2001
"Boating Safety and Enforcement" A DBW Course for New Boating Safety Enforcement Officers; Introduction to California Boating Law, Home Safety Course Review, Boating Nomenclature, Vessel Identification, Carriage Requirements, Vessel Inspections, USCG Boating Acts, Terminations, Navigational Rules of the Road, Marlinspike, Operational Law, Reckless & Negligent Operation. Offered by Sacramento Regional Criminal Justice Training Center and Taught in Sacramento, San Diego & Redding.

Instructor Regional Occupational Program -1987 - 1993
"Boating Safety Occupations" A Local High School Course Designed to Initiate Students to Big Bear Lake and to Explore the Employment Opportunities Relating to the Lake. Dovetailed and Served as a Feeder for the BBMWD Lake Explorers Program
Bear Valley Unified School District, Big Bear Lake, CA

Member United States Coast Guard Auxiliary -1987 - Present
Charter Member of Big Bear Lake Flotilla 11-12
Past Flotilla Commander, Vice Commander, Staff Officer

President, Vice President, Southern Regional Director, 4 years Board of Directors, CBSOA
Past Regular Contributor to "The Beacon" - Quarterly Publication of CBSOA

Harbor Master, The Dock Club at Pine Knot Landing - 2002 - 2003
Worked with on-site Owner in Overall Management of Private Investment Marina Facility Development; including Slip Sales, Boat & PWC Rentals, Tour Boat, Fuel Dock, Marine Hardware & Repair, Water Skiing & Parasailing Rides, New & Used Boat Sales, Commercial & Private Dock Building

Tour Boat Captain, The Dock Club at Pine Knot Landing
Sierra Belle (88 Passenger) - 2002 - 2003
Miss Liberty (150 Passenger) - 2007 – 2009
Miss Big Bear (50 Passenger) - 2011

Consultant/Trainer – Spring Valley Lake Patrol, U.S. Adaptive Recreation Ctr.

Achievements, Honors, Committee Memberships & Speaking Engagements

CBSOA - Spark Plug Award recipient -1998

"Best Instructor in the 11th Coast Guard District" Competition Winner

Consultant to DBW
Boating Safety Advisory Committee - 1998 (Senate bill 545 - Rosenthal)
As CBSOA President, Represented the Law Enforcement Community in the Quest to Enhance Boating Safety and Education of Vessel Operators, including Mandatory Education Laws in California. Published Findings of 17 Recommendations Offered to Legislature per Section 658.6 of the Harbors & Navigation Code
Annual Boating Accident Report Revisions - 1998
Boating Accident Report Form & Vessel Accident Report Form Revisions - 2000

National Association of State Boating Law Administrators
1998 Conference Guest Speaker
"How to Prepare for Mandatory Education in Your State", with Co-Speakers
Dan Flynn - Legislative Assistant to Senator Rosenthal
David Johnson - Legislation, DBW

Competitor - 1982 World Speed Skiing Championships, Silverton, Colo.
16th in world in points - highest speed: 110.085 mph (177.165 kph)

Competitor - Water Ski Marathons and Circle Races - 1969 - 1984
Lake Arrowhead, Lake Mead, Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Ocean Races

Eagle Scout

Professional Affiliations
California Boating Safety Officers Association
International Association of Marine Investigators
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary


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